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eRescue Cyber Liability Coverage

Your resiliency depends upon it.

200 cyber attacks occur every minute. If a hacker breaches your servers, is your business prepared to handle the fallout? Costs can include system repairs, legal defense fees, security forensics, and brand/reputation repair. In 2014, cyber crime cost affected companies an average of $12.7 million.

The invisible threat.

If your company uses email, you’re at risk; if you have a website, intranet, and other near-essential modern business tools, your exposure increases exponentially. Modern information thieves, sometimes known as “blackhats," utilize different methods like malware/spyware injections, phishing, Trojan horses, and denial-of-service attacks. Financial and/or identity theft is an obvious danger, but more insidious is extortion by denial of use (or worse, destruction) to your electronic infrastructure. No matter how esteemed your cyber security providers, they cannot guarantee you invulnerability from all threats. 

Internet Security Insurance keeps you covered.

Most standard property and general liability policies don't include significant cyber coverage. This is a new and complex threat, and it requires specialized policies to cover the risk. We designed Internet Security Insurance to pick up the slack. This program covers a wide range of costs associated specifically with a cyber attack, including:

  • Legal defenses associated with disclosure of personal information
  • Liability for transmitting viruses
  • Security breach response expenses
  • Media liability
  • Public relations expenses
  • Replacement and/or restoration of data
  • Extortion threat expenses
  • Business income and extra expenses
  • Cyber terrorism

Cyber risk resources

Cyber claim scenarios
The average cost of a data breach is $204 per lost record, with more than half of such costs attributable to lost customers and the associated public relations expenses to rebuild an organization’s reputation. Read more

Cyber coverage worksheet
This worksheet, available in both PDF and interactive Excel formats, offers insureds a list of specific exposures associated with cyber attacks and a blank grid to use for comparing different policies. Download

Cyber liability might be your Watergate in 2015
Today’s information warfare is fought with ones and zeroes instead of paper and electrical signals, and the actors operate with agendas varying from political to commercial. Unlike the events described in All the President’s Men, today’s skilled data thieves need only minimal funding and manpower to acquire enormous amounts of sensitive information. Read more

Diary of a hacker
The following is a fictional online public record created to document the process and parties involved in the life cycle of a cyber attack. Read more

FireEye Cyber Threat Map
Along with a few hundred major incidents, tens of thousands of smaller cyber attacks occur each day. Is your industry on the Top 5 list for today? Watch attacks happen in real time. View the map