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Smarter homes and lower insurance

Investing in smart home kits — security cameras, water sensors, motion detectors, etc. — can lower your home insurance premiums substantially. Want proof? Major insurance companies like Travelers are getting in on the action.... Read More

Driverless cars — not foolproof yet!

A revelation came to me about driverless vehicles: So long as humans remain in the equation, there will be unforeseen situations that can lead to serious injury.... Read More

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2017

Headed to court for texting during a movie date, falling off a donkey statue, and even an enthusiastic handshake.... Read More

People are flocking to Houston

According to a recent report from moving application Updater, Houston was the seventh most popular new home for Americans this year!... Read More

Three weeks after Hurricane Harvey

Many of us, myself included, were unable to access our homes a week after Harvey arrived. Major roadways in Houston were still flooded fourteen days after landfall, creating gridlock in large areas of the city. Thankfully, there were few fatalities from the flooding.... Read More

Why are auto insurance rates going up?

Two major factors are responsible for the recent rapid increase in auto insurance rates.... Read More

The impending fall of Obamacare, and remembering what insurance really is

We find ourselves on the eve of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), former President Barack Obama’s legislative opus.... Read More

Time to get rid of your Christmas tree

"Bah, humbug!" says the grumpy insurance company. "Remove that tree from your living room!"... Read More

4 key challenges facing the insurance industry

An annual study evaluates new challenges facing the insurance industry. Let’s take a look at the four key challenges spotlighted in this year’s study. What does each challenge mean for your business? How can technology help you overcome these challenges and succeed in the... Read More

Winter weather preparations

As serious cold weather sets in around Texas and beyond, prepare your home to handle freezing temperatures without incident.... Read More

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